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16 March 2012


I used to listen to your sitar regularly in facebook and today I am really proud to be an indian as you are the ambsador of music for many years in Russia.I play sarod so I understand how difficult it to produce correct note in the instrument and all your notes, it is perfect and perhaps God gifted.Thanks a lot.


25 February 2012

Vinanti Sarkar (Castellarin)

Dear Subshri - Lovely website - My congratulations read every word on your biography performances and video/audios and photos Have you given any performances in New York USA ?


12 February 2012

Pushparani Hettiarachchi



7 January 2012

Umang Shrivastava 

Уважаемая Светлана, Привет! It seems that you are incarnation of some veteran indian mastero who was expert of vocal and instrumental Indian Music. Another of my appreciation is that you have incorporated your soul in true south Indian frame. It appears that you some bytes of Indian culture by birth, similar I had bytes of Russian culture. Regards, Umang Shrivastava (С любовью к русскому языку)


3 December 2011

Udit Thakre

Greetings Ms. Janardan. I was smitten by your presentation of Raga Kirvani on your Youtube Channel. Your performance inspires me to delve deep into music and its intricacies. Heartfelt Regards, Udit Thakre.


13 May 2011

Olga V.

Great concert. I was at the previous concerts Subshri, but if I did not come yesterday to the concert, it would have regretted it. I'm late to the beginning, to my shame, for which I apologize for the artists and organizer of the concert, found a place, and .... I heard a completely new and extremely interesting composition, new facilities, is known to me, the concert program. Subshri sang very beautiful, fabulous, I was very surprised by all the vocal numbers, for that special thank Subshri. Thanks Cyrill, you played very well, in general I liked the atmosphere of the club, of course, except for the clatter of dishes and a coffee machine, good light and sound show was exceptional, and over time, as was longer than usual, and content: beautiful played program numbers, and very interesting to listen to improvised songs, tell their names. Everything turned out great, cheers, thanks to the organizers and artists.


13 May 2011

Alexey A.

I visited your concert in club "VOS-DUH", April 20 was an unforgettable experience. Thank you. Your music is unique. I will wait for the photos and videos appear in your gallery from the concert. Be sure to go on your next concert on 22 May!